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Meet Gowiz, a search engine you can trust
We give you the best search results without tracking, advertisements, or personal data collection.

Better life with Gowiz

A better way to find information

We believe you have the right to accurate and accessible information.
And we believe this right should not come at the cost of your privacy.

Filter bubble

Have you ever thought about the downside of only seeing things you inherently agree with?

If everyone only sees things they care about, we have no common ground for solving critical social issues like climate change.

Gowiz wants to show you all the arguments of the question, regardless of whether you agree with them, so you can make an educated decision.

No advertisements

Ads distract you from getting to real, high quality results.

No tracking

We don't know what sites you visited yesterday, what videos you watched, or where you're living.

No search history

We don't collect, store, or use your browsing history. This way we have no prior knowledge about what you do.

Latest technologies

Understanding what people are really looking for, when they type a search query, without using people specific features is difficult.We're using modern technologies responsively to bring the most relevant results to our users

Natural Language Processing

NLP allows us to understand the content of the pages in a more profound manner. For example, we're able to detect different named entities from plain text. We're also using it to support queries that are not written in English.

Machine learning

Machine learning allows us to build rankings that reflect the diversity in humanity. We're constantly making sure that our training data is not biased towards a specific user segment.
Using modern technologies

Frequently asked questions

What's a filter bubble?

A filter bubble is a way of experiencing the web where users are separated from information and resources they disagree with. As a result, they can become isolated from society, and other people, contributing to increased polarisation.

A filter bubble is caused by using user-specific information, such as clicks and activity history, to personalize a service for them.

How's Gowiz making money?

Right now, Gowiz does not return any revenue.

In the future, Gowiz plans to introduce three revenue streams

Firstly integrating with different affiliate programs. Let's say you're searching for a course on video making. When you click on the affiliate link and sign up with their paid course, Gowiz will earn a commission. Note that the links affiliate statues doesn't boost its ranking. All of our ranking results are organic.

Secondly, we're planning to offer our search engine as a service to different websites. For example, a company might use us as an alternative to Elastic Search.

Thirdly, we're considering licensing our intellectual property to different technology companies.

How are you different from other search engines?

The most popular search engines track users around the web from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. We don't.

What user data are you collecting?

We are collecting your search query because that is the closest representation of your question.

We are also collecting the country where the request originated from to take the local aspect into account. For example, when users from Australia are searching for Kate's cafe, then their probably not looking for Kate's cafe in Washington.

How are you going to use my email address?

We will use the emails to share news about our product. We will send the first email when the alfa version of Gowiz is ready for testing. If you want to exclude yourself, feel free to contact us or unsubscribe directly from the email.

A search engine built for privacy

Your right to privacy and security is important to us. We don't track what you do on Gowiz, and we don't use your personal data to manipulate and filter your search results.

Quality information

We aim to give you the most accurate, relevant and high quality results for your query.

No tracking

We respect your right to privacy. We don't store any of your personal data or keep a profile of you based on what you search for. We also don't store your browsing history.

Transparent results

We don't control or filter your search results - because we don't store anything personal about you. Everyone has the right to information without having to give away their personal data or falling into a filter bubble.

Independent and secure

We're a small and independent company with a focus on privacy. Our intent is to give you the tools to make informed decisions securely and privately.